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Accident Prevention

Latest figures show that nearly 1,300 people died in accidents in the home in one year and almost 20,000 were injured so severely that they required admission to hospital. The most vulnerable age groups involved are children under the age of five and people over the age of 65. On average, a further 50 people accidentally drown per year in Scotland’s waters.

Accidents are often dismissed as inevitable but that is not the case. There is so much that all of us can do to help our family, friends and neighbours live safer and happier lives. Most accidents can be prevented with some basic knowledge, planning and forethought.

RoSPA is one of the few national voices speaking out on this issue and they want to inform, educate and help to prevent accidents - wherever they might happen.

Join RoSPA for a series of free short awareness-raising sessions to highlight some basic information on keeping children and older people safe at home.

The sessions are as follows.

·  Child safety in the home  -17 May, 10am - click here to dial in on the day

·  Fall Fighters - 18 May, 10am - click here to dial in on the day

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