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Our Committee of Management (at September 2020)

Office Bearers

Chair - Linda Stevenson

Chair of the Staffing Subcommittee - Jan Carmichael

Vice-Chair (vacant)

Chair of Audit Subcommittee - Claudia Ennemoser

Claudia joined Committee in 31/01/13.  She is a finance professional who works for a Housing Association in Inverclyde.

Other Committee Members and their joining dates

Elected - Ros Carrigan (21/06/18), Rod Hunter (06/12/17), Debbie Keaveney (21/06/18), Siobhan Leighton (05/12/18), Linda Mimnagh (20/06/12). Recent additions are Jan Carmichael and John Haughey.

Declarations of Interest

We require our Committee Members to be open and honest about any connection they have which may conflict with their work for the Association.   We keep a record of these declared interests.

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