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Become a Member of the Association

It only costs £1 to become a member of the Association and gives you the right to influence the decisions we take.  You should be able to find what you need to know about becoming a member in our Frequently Asked Questions list below, but if you need more information please contact 

How do I become a Member of the Association?

Becoming a Member or Shareholder in the Housing Association is easy. All you do is complete the Membership Application Form and hand this into the office with the £1 fee. Being a member entitles you to attend and vote at our Annual General Meetings and any Special General Meetings and gives you the opportunity to join our Management Committee to help make decisions on how we operate. If you are not already a member we would encourage you to join.
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How do I become a Committee Member?

If you are interested in joining the Management Committee we would encourage you to contact our Chief Executive, James Ward, at to learn more about what's involved. You can also find out more in the Committee Vacancies section of our website.

Alternatively, if you already know this is what you want to do you can stand at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). You must be a Member (Shareholder) of the Housing Association to stand. When you are sent your AGM paperwork you will find a form in the pack headed Nomination Form for Election to the Committee of Management. You must complete this form with someone else who is a shareholder who will nominate you, then return it following the instructions in the AGM pack.

How do I become an Office Bearer?

After each AGM the following Office Bearers are elected by the Management Committee:-

  • Chairperson
  • Vice-Chairperson
  • Secretary (usually a staff member)
  • Assistant Vice Chair (Audit)
  • Assistant Vice Chair (Staffing)

Committee would expect the elected person to have spent some on our Committee and have relevant experience in the area for whcih they have been elected.

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