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Estate Management

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The weekly bulk uplift service from the City Council has been permanently withdrawn but we have replaced it with a service using our subsidiary WS Estate Services Ltd.

Estate Management is a vital part of the Housing Management service. The Association aims to ensure that tenants enjoy a clean tidy and peaceful environment.

Our Estate Management service includes:

  • Carrying out estate inspections.
  • Providing advice and assistance to tenants on services which enhance the local community, such as initiatives to reduce crime and environmental improvement.
  • Liaising with tenant groups and working in neighbourhoods to ensure sustainability of tenancies and neighbourhoods.
  • Liaising with local authorities and partner agencies working in our neighbourhood.


Tenants are required to request in writing and to receive written consent from Whiteinch and Scotstoun Housing Association prior to keeping an animal in the house. On receipt of written consent, you must always keeps pets under control and make sure that they don’t cause a nuisance to neighbours, damage to the property or foul in common areas. Please note there are no dogs allowed within the Curle Street Multi-Storey block, with the exception of registered guide dogs.

Number of Pets Allowed

Subject to the conditions which apply to the Curle Street Multi-Storey, no more than one pet can be kept within each house.

The policy does not apply to small animals, birds or fish, kept in cages or tanks. These are permitted in any reasonable numbers unless they represent a health hazard or nuisance.

Complaints and Removal of Pets

Where the Association is in receipt of complaints regarding the keeping and supervision of animals, the tenant may be required to rehome their pet if the complaints are consistent and justifiable. Tenants will be given the opportunity to rectify the problem, prior to being required to rehome the animal concerned.
Where the animal or the keeping of the animal is causing a deterioration of the property, tenants will be required to take appropriate action to rectify the damage and take appropriate steps to prevent further deterioration to the property e.g. pet behaviour classes. If you keep a pet without permission, you are breaking the terms of your tenancy and this could lead to legal action against you.

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