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Current Job Opportunities


We are  members of Employers in Voluntary Housing who advertise posts, both temporary and permanent, across the sector. 

Current Job Opportunities


We are  members of Employers in Voluntary Housing who advertise posts, both temporary and permanent, across the sector. 

When will I find out if I have been selected for interview?

Once we have received your application we will acknowledge it, within 48 hours if at all possible.

When the closing date for the post has been reached, all applications will be scored by the Interview Panel. If you are selected for your interview you will be informed when this process is complete and we will give you as much notice of your interview date and time as we can.

If you have not been selected for interview, you will be informed of this decision and given an opportunity to request feedback should you wish it.

If I apply for a job how will you contact me?

We will endeavour to communicate with you by email, unless you do not have an email address, in which case we will contact you by post.

Where we require a signature, such as with a job offer, we will always write to you.

How long does the recruitment process take?

We will usually give indicative details of interview dates in the Application Pack and will communicate with you throughout the process.

The Application Form asks for contact information for my Referees. When will these references be taken?

We will contact your references when you have been offered the post, have accepted the position and given us permission to do so.

If I have been unsuccessful at any stage of the Recruitment Process, can I ask for feedback?

We would encourage any unsuccessful candidate to apply for feedback.

When you are informed that you have been unsuccessful at any stage in the Recruitment Process, you will be given contact details for the person who will be able to give you feedback.

What format will the interview take?

The exact format of the interview is very much dependent on the role for which you are being interviewed.

In general, however, you will be interviewed by a Panel made up of 2 or 3 people who may be Managers, Senior Managers and/or Committee Members.

The interview will normally have some sort of practical element, either something that you will have been asked to prepare and submit prior to interview, or something which you are required to participate on in the day, revelant to the role - but you would be informed of this in advance.

All candidates would be asked the same set of questions on which they would be scored and all candidates would have an opportunity at the end of the interview to ask any questions.

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