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Electrical Safety

Electrical Periodic Inspections

As the majority of Covid-19 restrictions have now been removed the Association is aiming to provide a normal service for all types of cyclical maintenance within your home although it should be noted that some of our contractors are still being affected by staff absences caused by Covid 19 and delays in obtaining some materials . If you are contacted for an electrical inspection please ensure that you allow our contractor access to your property. Please contact the Association for advice for advice if necessary if an electrical periodic inspection is due to be carried out within your home and we would encourage tenants to wear face masks, increase ventilation and keep social distancing in place within their home whilst repairs are taking place in order to reduce the risks of you catching or spreading Covid-19. Your co-operation is appreciated in reducing the risk of spreading Covid 19.

Alarm Upgrade Works

As you may be aware, the Scottish Government has introduced new fire safety legislation that will extend the existing high standard of protection from smoke and fire, currently required in private rented housing, to all homes across Scotland.

This will require the Association to extend smoke detection into living rooms, hallways and provide heat detection in kitchens. This upgrade allows the alarms to be interlinked therefore provides added fire protection for you and your family. To date the Association have managed to upgrade over 860 properties.

As the UK and Scottish Government have begun to ease restrictions and now permit construction work to take place, all our Contractors who carry out alarm upgrade works have assessed the impact of the pandemic and produced updated Risk and Method statements to mitigate and minimise the risks to our tenants when carrying out  the works in their property.

We would ask that you please allow our Contractors access to your home to carry out alarm upgrade work as it could save your life.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times.

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