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Electrical Safety

Electrical Periodic Inspections

The Association is required to carry out an electrical installation inspection EICR within all of its properties on a five yearly basis and when you are contacted for an electrical inspection it is important that you allow our contractor access to your property. The Association follows a procedure whereby if you are not in or do not allow entry to the house, then the Association will have no alternative but to force entry to our property. Please also note if we receive no prior contact and you allow entry at the forced entry, then you will be liable for all costs regardless if the locksmith is required or not.

Alarm Upgrade Works

The Scottish Government introduced new fire safety legislation that extends the existing higher standard of protection from smoke and fire, currently required in private rented housing, to all homes across Scotland including all social housing stock.
This higher standard requires the Association to extend and maintain additional smoke detection within living rooms, hallways and to provide heat detection in kitchens. All the fire protection within each property to improve the fire protection and safety for you, your family and your neighbours.


The Association completed the upgraded alarms across all of the stock and has implemented a cyclical programme to ensure that the alarms are replaced every 10 years. It is important that you regularly check that the alarms are working and remain interconnected and all activate at the same time when tested. If you would like further information on how you can check your smoke alarms please contact the Association on 0141 959 2552.


The Association is currently fitting an additional level of safety in properties that are all electric that monitors the smoke detectors within your home to ensure that they are functioning correctly and our contractor will contact you directly for access to arrange for the device to be installed. These monitors allow the association to check that the properties alarms are in good working order without the need to enter your property on an annual basis to check them.

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