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Rechargeable Repairs

There will be times when we don't pick up the cost of tenants repairs but pass them on the tenant.  These are called Rechargeable Repairs.

If we have to repair damage to your, our tenant's home caused by you, your family or visitors to your home, if we have to change your locks because you have lost your keys or if we have to force access to your property to carry out gas servicing you will be liable for the cost of putting these matters right.  

Our approach to Rechargeable Repairs is outlined in our Policy. (Under Review).

Lost keys

If you lose your key to your home and need to ask us to arrange to gain access or change the locks, you will be liable for the cost of lock change and any associated works.

We will not change any locks without clear evidence that the person requesting the lock change has a tenancy interest and therefore a right to access the property.

The cost of a lock change can vary from £50-£150 depending on the type of lock and whether it is in or out with office hours.  

It may be useful to give a spare key to a trusted friend or family member, as the cost of having a replacement key cut is normally under £10 and can be done at most key cutting stores.

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