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Our Advice Services

We care about our customers and the community as a whole. Here at Whiteinch & Scotstoun Housing Association we provide more than housing with additional services to support our tenants and factoring customers in their daily lives.

We have a team of 5 dedicated staff members offering a variety of services that can assist you in times of difficulty or with issues you may need a little assistance with. An overview of the services provided is noted below.  

Money Advice and Financial Inclusion

Our Money Advice and Financial Inclusion Officer, Karen Auld, provides advice and assistance to help you take control of your money, deal with problematic debt and make informed choices regarding financial services and products. Speak to our adviser if you could benefit from any of the following:

• Advice and assistance managing debt.Karen Auld

• Help if you are being taken to court by a creditor.

• Help with your household budget or paying bills.

• Information on savings options and planning for future spending.

• Accessing affordable credit.

• Opening or using a bank account.

• Protecting your goods through Home Contents Insurance.

• Support with getting online, using IT equipment, benefiting from internet including getting better deals, social interaction, managing money and more.

Energy Advice

Our Energy Adviser, John McConnell, who we contract from the Wise Gourp's Heat Service, is here to help with all issues relating to your home energy use. Understanding your electricity and gas costs can be hard and talking to your energy supplier when things go wrong can be even more difficult. Our adviser can help you to:

• Get the best deal for your electricity and gas.                                              Heat Services Logo

• Manage energy accounts and/or switch supplier online.

• Understand your energy costs and bills.

• Lower your energy use to lower costs.

• Manage your heating system to suit your lifestyle.

• Arrange fuel debt repayment plans.

• Apply for grants to clear debt. 

• Apply for the Warm Home Discount.

• Talk to your energy supplier with you or on your behalf.

• Stay warm, cosy and comfortable.

Welfare Rights

Our Welfare Rights Officers, Douglas McAndrew and Brian McGinlay, provide advice and assistance with all matters concerning social security benefits, pensions and tax credits. Examples of the things we help with include:

• Maximising your benefit income.Douglas Mcandrew

• Assisting you to make appropriate benefit claims.

• Helping you manage changes in your circumstances.

• Assisting you to challenge unfavourable benefit decisions by reconsideration and appeal.Brian Mcginlay

• Arranging representation for you at benefit Tribunal hearings.

Tenancy Sustainment

Our Tenancy Sustainment Officer Craig McGarry offers practical support to new and existing WSHA tenants to support them in their home and local community. We provide information on the many services available in the area and help is given to access the services you may need, such as:

• Applying for the Scottish Welfare Fund.                   Craig McGarry

• Assisting with correspondence.

• Advocating for you if you are having difficulty in accessing services you are entitled to.

• Helping you access support from agencies, such as Occupational Therapy, Quarriers Youth Housing Support, Social Work.

• Filling out forms.

• Introducing you into specialised services such as COPE and Lifelink so you can get some time to yourself.

You can write to us or visit the office:-

Whiteinch and Scotstoun Housing Association Ltd,

The Whiteinch Centre,

1 Northinch Court,


 G14 0UG

You can telephone us on:-

0141 959 2552

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