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Committee Vacancies

We currently have vacancies on our Management Committee and would welcome applications from our membership, from the wider community, or from anyone interested in bringing their skills and experience to our organisation.

Serving on the Committee 

The role of Committee Member is strategic rather than “hands-on”.  In other words, as a Voluntary Member your role would be to set policies and oversee their working, while staff actually put the policies into effect.

The Committee operates through a series of regular Meetings, currently ten, February to June and August to December, on the last Wednesday of the month, with other ‘special’ meetings covering topics such as the annual budget setting.  Meetings last for anything up to two and a half hours. Committee Members are also asked to sit on one of two Subcommittees (Audit, which meets to suit the audit cycle) and Staffing (which meets as required).  Committee members are also offered the opportunity to become a Director of one of our subsidiaries, WS Property Management Limited and WS Estate Services Limited.

It is understood that Committee Members come from a variety of backgrounds with differing levels of experience and abilities to offer.  Training is therefore not only offered but it is expected that all Members should regularly participate.  This covers all aspects of business that are likely to affect or involve Committee Members.  A periodic analysis is carried out to ascertain each Member’s training needs and from this a plan is developed to meet those needs.  In addition, there are opportunities for Committee Members to attend conferences and one or half-day seminars on a variety of relevant subjects. 

To ensure that the Committee is not only acting to the highest levels of integrity but can be seen to be doing so, all Members are expected to subscribe and (literally) sign up to a Code of Governance; this lays out the standards and performance expected of Committee Members as they carry out their functions and represent the organisation.  As part of this, Members must declare any interests, which could be perceived to have any possible influence on their roles within and for the Association.
If you are interested in joining Committee please e-mail our Chief Executive, James Ward, on

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