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COP 26 Climate Change Conference

Customers will be aware of the forthcoming COP26 conference taking place in Glasgow from 31 October until 12 November.  Due to the road closures planned for the Glasgow area there is likely to be an impact on our contractors' timescales in attending emergency repairs. Contractors will, however, endeavor to keep to timescales and if they are running late, will call ahead to advise.  Thank you for your patience and understanding during this period.

More information on the planned road closures and the conference, can be found at

Repairs Service during the Current Coronavirus Pandemic

On  Monday 26 April we resumed routine repairs inside homes as well as non-essential inspections and surveys. This is in line with the Scottish Government’s route map on easing lockdown restrictions. We would however remind customers that there has been a large backlog of repairs that contractors will be working through from this date and repairs may take a little longer than usual to complete. 

Before we arrange for a tradesmen to call we will ask you the following questions regarding the Covid-19 status of your household:

1. Do you or any  living in your home have any covid symptons – high temperature, persistent cough, loss of sense of smell and taste

2. Have you or any one in your home been diagnosed with Covid-19

3. Are you or anyone in your home self isolating

4. Are you or anyone in your home shielding

When reporting your repair, please give as much information about the nature of the repair, what happened and its location. Please advise when you will be available to give access to the tradesman. Where access for a routine repair is arranged for later in the week or the following week the contractor may contact you, to get an up to date report on your Covid-19 status.

Pre inspections will be carried out by a Repairs Officer, where  the  nature of the repair is unclear. At the moment, inspections are restricted to where there is a possibility of damage to property or a danger to  the occupiers. Before a Repairs Officer attends a property, the Covid-19 status of your household will be confirmed.

If you are reporting an emergency out of hours, please call 0141 959 2552 and your call will be put through to our call handling service who will arrange for a contractor to call, you must be in a position to give access for 6 hours following the call reporting the emergency. The contractor may not be in a position to contact you prior to attending.

Reporting a Repair

We hope you enjoy living in your association home, however sometimes you need a repair carried out and you can arrange this in one of four following ways:

  1. You can call at the office in person. The office is located beside the Whiteinch Community Centre at 1 Northinch Court, Glasgow, G14 0UG.
  2. By phoning us on 0141 959 2552.
  3. Writing to us at the above address. 
  4. By email to:
  5. By submitting the repair via the diagnostic tool below:

Report a

When reporting a repair, please give us as much information as possible; the nature of the problem, where it is located, what happened, when you will be available to give access to the contractor and your contact details. Based on the information provided by yourself, the Customer Service Assistant will advise you on the priority of the repair and when you may expect the repair to be completed. Please report all repairs promptly as soon as they occur or you discover them, this includes repairs out with your home.

Response Times

  • Urgent repairs that could escalate and threaten the household’s health and safety if not attended to within a reasonable timescale will be assessed and prioritised depending on the nature and circumstances of the repair.

  • Routine repairs are currently suspended due to the Scottish Government Corona Virus restrictions.

Some repairs are classified as a qualifying Right to Repair under the Housing Act 2001. Please see the section on Right to Repair, as different response times may apply.

Pre - inspections

Due to the current Corona Virus restrictions the Association’s repairs Officers are unable to carry out pre-inspections within occupied properties and it would be helpful when reporting an issue that you provide photographs of the repair or defective area to assist our repairs team to prioritise and assess the most appropriate contractor to attend. 

Reporting an Emergency Repair Out of Hours 

If you have a repair which cannot wait until the office opens then you should contact our out of hours service by phoning 0141 959 2552. Provide details of the repair and the operative will arrange for a contractor call. The tradesperson will attend your home within 6 hours so you must stay in until the contractor attends, as the contractor may not be in position to advise you in advance of his arrival. The out of hours service operates between 5pm and 9am Monday to Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday and all day on public holidays.

If you make arrangements for a contractor to call either as an emergency or any other repair and you do not give access, you will be recharged the cost of the contractor’s time. Please see the section on Rechargeable Repairs.

Reporting Close Lighting Repairs

The Association has recently taken over the close lighting maintenance service from Glasgow City Council.  Any faults with the close lighting should be reported to the Association via the methods above and will be responded to within the appropriate timescale.

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